Construction Signages

Construction Signages

Elevate Your Workplace Safety Signages Now

You might be displaying outdate Safety Signages

Older and inconsistent design are known to create confusion to workers and are now widely discontinued. The color combinations and background designs used in the signal word panels shown below no longer meet the requirements of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). 

✓ To ensure compliance and improve hazard recognition, it’s important to follow ANSI’s Z535 standards when creating or replacing signs.

What is ANSI Z535?

ANSI Z535 is a series of standards developed by American National Standards Institute (ANSI) that provide guidelines for safety signs. ANSI Z535 standards cover aspects such as sign design, colors, symbols, and formats, helping organizations create clear and easily understandable safety messages for workers and the general public.

"ANSI's Z535 signal words and associated design standards are crafted to interface seamlessly with the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) - making ANSI's DANGER, WARNING, CAUTION and NOTICE standards the most widely used and accepted in the world."


It is recommended to avoid prepositional phrases, opt for a Sans Serif bold font type, align the text to the left, utilize a mix of upper and lower case letters for enhanced readability, and reserve all uppercase letters solely for emphasis purposes only.

  • Danger: Signals a potentially life-threatening situation that, if not evaded, could lead to fatality or severe harm.
  • Warning: Represents a perilous circumstance which, if not avoided, may cause significant injury.
  • Caution: Depicts a hazardous condition that, if not heeded, might result in minor or moderate injuries.
  • Notice: Signifies a non-hazardous message, typically used for housekeeping guidelines.
  • Safety: Conveys overall instructions for maintaining safe working procedures.
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